April 13, 2010

Kenapa komputer lagi penting dari awek?

Zaman skrang ni,kebanyakkan rumah or individu da ade dekstop or laptop sendiri,
laptop or komputer ni memang sangat2 penting la kn bg korang..
tapi mana korang rasa lagi penting,
dibawah ni senaraikan beberapa sebab kenapa komputer lagi penting dari awek... layan..~~

  • Computer does not care how you look.

  • Computer can’t be angry if you not respond immediately.

  • Computer always wait for you

  • Computer can’t have PMS.

  • Computer never forgets your birthday.

  • Computer can’t compare you to previous user.

  • Computer did not accept calls from previous users.

  • Computer doesn’t say: “Do you come home now?”

  • Computer doesn’t ask: “Do you have another computer?”

  • Computer never start a conversation about marriage.

  • Computers don’t care if you’re married.

  • Computer can’t look your phone book or digging through your pockets.

  • Computer is simply Start and Shut down.

  • You can share computer with friends.

  • Computer doesn’t make a scene when you arrive home late.

  • Computer not shave his legs with your razor.

  • Computer will not call you 100 times a day.

  • You don’t need to say him that you love him.

  • Computer doesn’t care for the difference in years.

  • Computer has a warranty

  • Ni bukan pendapat aku tau..jgn salahkan aku..hehe
    bagi aku..2 2 penting lol... =p
    tapi buat masa skarang,
    laptop la jadi peneman aku~~

    2 memBebEL:

    localhost said...

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    Segalanya Tertera Di Sini..hehe...Jangan Takut aa =p

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